Magson®  Fresh & Frozen

With its inception in the year 2009, Magson® has consistently been a preferred choice for retail customers and consumers in the Gourmet & Frozen food space in Gujarat. Our products range from a wide assortment of Imported Cheese, Processed Foods, Exotic Vegetables to a broad array of raw & ready-to-eat Vegetarian as well as Non-vegetarian food items.

We’re well distributed across West India with 25 outlets strategically located in 10 prominent cities such as Mumbai (1), Udaipur (1), Ahmedabad (12), Vadodara (3), Surat (3), Gandhinagar (1), Rajkot (1), Anand (1), Jamnagar (1), and Gandhidham (1). These figures make Magson® one of the biggest Franchisers in the Gourmet & Frozen Food business in Gujarat.

We believe that in our commitment to dealing with Fresh and frozen food products, it is important that the same ‘Freshness’ is reflected in the core DNA of the company, outspreading to (and beyond) each one of our customer interactions and services.

Our standards of service & quality stand tall. At the core of our value chain at Magson®, lies our ability to maintain (and improve) hygiene & quality, uncompromisingly. While our premium customers have rewarded us with great loyalty, our value seeking customers keep showing us the way for continuous improvement.

Each customer relates and holds to a particular set of values dearer than most. Also, while making a purchase decision, perceives & processes information differently, and hence, is unique in his own way. In Magson®, we have managed to build a brand that not only resonates these set of values but also aims to give a larger than life in-shop and post-shop experience to the customers, so that they don’t have to settle for anything less than utter satisfaction and at best, sheer delight.

In our unique way of defining our niche, we constantly ensure that our diverse product & brand mix echoes our ability to cater to the wide-ranging needs of the customer. Moreover, our ‘Open to feedback’ approach in understanding the everyday customer has brought us to a point where we can categorically pursue to direct our day-to-day efforts towards personalization of customer services, if not our product offerings.

Our customers love what we do. And thus, our journey so far has been greatly fulfilling. The Start as they say, can say a lot of things about the things to come. We’re more than thankful to the state of Gujarat (and its people) for giving us a good one. In our pursuit of growth & success, we aspire to become the most sought after niche retail food chain in the region and the country, riding on our underlying ideology – ‘delivering excellence, always’.

The promoters, Mr. Rajesh Francis & Mr. Manish Pancholi carry with their name a distinguished experience of 20+ years spanning across the Food & Beverages industry and Retail sales (goods & services). With their industry acumen and business expertise, we’re planning to target the rest of Gujarat and South India in our efforts to ambitiously scale & develop our next franchised setups as part of our Vision.

As of 2021, in line with our strategic growth planning & business road map for the future, MagSon® has successfully completed a series of corporate restructuring & development initiatives, one of which is the complete integration of the Business. As a result of which, 16 of 25 stores that earlier used to operate under a single brand but had individual holding/operating identities as part of a single franchised business, have now successfully merged to form MagSon® Retail & Distribution Pvt. Ltd.